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Spring Season 2020

For our U8-U12/2012-2008 teams, we continue to offer the flexibility of two separate seasons: Fall and Spring.

Players in these age groups in our program can choose to sign up for Spring Season or take a break and put their spot on the team up for grabs.

Here at Titans FC, we believe that continuity is key to development but also recognize the benefit that new players can bring to a team.

Players that were on a Titans team in Fall 2019 have first option on retaining their spot by registering in the Early Bird Sign-Up period.

New players that want to join a Titans team for Spring 2020 can contact us to arrange a trial session with the relevant age group team. Click HERE!

For the convenience of our members and interested families, please find below our Spring Season Outline for our U8-U12/2012-2008 teams. 


Season Outline

  • Training Program runs from Jan-May
  • 2 x Team Training Sessions per week
  • PSPL Spring League Season runs from Feb-May
  • 8 Game League Season
  • All Games Played On The Weekends


Registration Fee

U8-U10 - $349

U11-U12 - $449

Uniform Fee

$250 approx

*applies to new team players only


The 2019/20 Season Birth Year Chart below will help you to identify the age group for your player based on their birth year.

2019/20 Birth Year Chart
Birth Year 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Age Designation U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12

If you have a team or player interested, please contact us through the link below;

Titans FC  Team

Titans FC Team