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Soccer 101 Finishing and Goalkeeping

Soccer 101: Finishing and Goalkeeping is just that - hyper focused, fast paced training, focused on the basic fundamentals of finishing and goalkeeping, for players in the early stages of their soccer development. 

Each week our professional coaching staff will lead technical sessions focusing equally on goalkeeping and shooting, ensuring these young athletes are comfortable on both sides of the ball. 

Players will learn and practice proper technique to improve their goal scoring:

  • Identifying their target
  • Utilizing the plant foot
  • Striking technique
  • Body Position
  • Approach & follow through

For goalkeeping we will start with the rules and the basics of proper catching technique, then advance to proper distribution of the ball - when, how, and to whom.

Soccer 101: Finishing and Goalkeeping is specifically designed for the development age player interested in learning and developing the skills necessary for success on the field of play.


Alicia  Blansfield

Alicia Blansfield

Puyallup Titans Director